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I had the good fortune to come across Dr Ike’s while filling a rush prescription for one of my dogs. Not only did they fill it quickly but at a reasonable cost and the customer service was excellent.  I had gone to another compounding pharmacy close by and they told me it would take 2 days and cost about 30% more.  Thank you Dr Ike’s for helping my pooch on the the road to recovery – I will come here in the future for all my compounding needs.

Shelley V

Shelley V.

North Hollywood, CA

Dr.Ike is a best pharmacist in area when it comes to compounding and naturapathic staff. Tell him your problem and he is going to compound a medication for it, no joke, seriously. I work in a medical clinic where we send prescriptions for complicated compounds and only to Dr.Ike’s because we know he is gonna make the best one. Unlike many other pharmacies, Dr.Ike is patient advocate first, he is very fair with pricing and offers only high quality, known professional products.

Kayla M

Marina M.

Pasadena, CA

This place is the best. Dr. Ike is an amazing pharmacist and Molly is the best compounder in the world. They are really top notch and incredibly knowledgeable.

Allison M

Allison M.

Los Angeles, CA

After finding this pharmacy I will never go anywhere else. They are the cream of the crop. The best customer service I have ever experienced. German goes above and beyond to make sure I always have my prescriptions on time and they even deliver! Could not be happier! Thank you guys so much

Kayla M

Kayla M.

Studio City, CA

They stayed open an extra 20 minutes past close so I could pick up my son’s medication. They saved me big time. I couldn’t recommend them more. Thanks!!!

Craig M

Craig M.

Woodland Hills

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